22 September, 2015

My Written Apology

When I made this blog, I was 14. That was 3 years ago. I haven't been logged on this account for over 3 years. When I was 15, I started recovery and thought I was doing so much better. I gained weight and was happy and healthy. Sometime last year, I logged back onto my old tumblr account and
I remembered about this blog. I'm sorry for anybody who was offended by it (although it seems people get offended over everything these days) and I feel terrible for my old posts. I haven't figured out how to delete an old post yet. Any way, I've decided to change my blog. It's now called My Life: Living With Borderline Anorexia. For those who don't know, borderline anorexia is where you don't fully show signs of anorexia or bulimia. People also call it EDNOS. I do not promote eating disorders. I promote recovery.


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  3. Hi, I remember reading this blog a while ago and you talked about ways to "be bulimic." I am constantly thinking about throwing up again and again because I have recently been gaining a lot of weight. I came back here today to see if I could refresh my memory a little bit and saw this. Please tell me my weight doesn't control my life. Please tell me how good recovery is. Please tell me that my life is worth saving.

    1. To be honest, recovery fucking sucked for me. I was (still am) constantly battling between whether or not I should eat whatever it was. Once you've recovered though, you'll feel so much better with everything. Your life is worth saving. Everyone's is.

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